Agisilaos Demetriou

1) Fiduciary services and trusts

a) Provision of Nominee shareholders

For a businessman who does not want to appear as shareholder in a business concern in Cyprus,
we can provide ourselves or any of our directors, as nominee shareholders. Proper trust deeds
are made and all legally binding safeguards are implemented in order to assure the businessman
that the shares although not on his name will belong to him and that the nominee will act according
to his will.

b) Nominee directors
We can provide local directors in order to meet the requirements of management and control from

c) Provision of Company secretary in accordance with the Cyprus Companies Law
Every limited liability company in Cyprus must have a Company Secretary, in order to meet
the requirements of the Companies Law of Cyprus. We can provide a Company Secretary in
accordance with the above law

d) Bank accounts
Preparation documentation for opening bank accounts with any of the local and international
Assistance in meeting bank officers, advocates and other professionals and provision
facilities for such meetings

e) Registered Office Address in accordance with Cyprus Company Law.

In accordance with the Cyprus Company Law a company registered in Cyprus shall as
from the day of its incorporation, have a registered office in Cyprus to which all communication
and notices may be addressed. We can provide such a office

f) Trustee functions
We can provide exact and extensive advice on all aspects of trusts through our competent
professionals. We can also provide trustee services to our clients through our trustee
companies by establishment of international trusts in Cyprus and in any other jurisdictions
and by
i. Acting as trustees of international trusts and
ii .Acting as escrow agents