Agisilaos Demetriou

1. Management and Consultancy services

We can help our clients to achieve their targets in their business. These days, great changes are taking place in all the world and which is caused by the availability and the easiness in getting information, access to the new technologies and the competitive world wide markets . There is a great need for large or small companies to make a revision of their corporate and ownership structures, funding strategies, capital sourcing etc, We at Demetservus, help our clients for all above by applying our knowledge and expertise combined with our approach and skill.

Business Advisory
Our business advisory services are focused in small and middle market practice for start-up and growing companies. We can assist you in planning ,organizing, and responding to your changing needs. We can help you to develop your business plan, analyze your financial activities or uncover realistic solutions.

In this process, the key to success is presented through small window of opportunity that is called competitive advantage. The only thing our client's need to do is reach to seize it, and use our help to see the opportunity on time.

Strategic Planning
We can provide high quality financial solutions and which are sought by a wide range of clients in a need for innovative, customized and regulatory compliant strategies.

To maximize enterprise and shareholder value, our strategic planning services aim to provide advices and competition-sensitive strategies on the best form of the ownership, equity and funding structure, which will be compliant in all legal aspects, and flexible in practical operation.

Company formation and anything to do with the Registrar of Companies

We provide services of Company formation and prepare and file with the Registrar of Companies the following:

a. Transfer of shares
b. Change of directors
c. Change of secretary
d. Change of Company registered office
e. Annual Company Return
f. Trade marks
g. Registration of names etc